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Learn How an Ab Rocker Machine works

Ab Rocker

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As you commonly see in magazines and TV, Ab Rocker is a kind of equipment for exercise and fitness which is popular nowadays.  It is lightweight and small that you can carry anywhere you want to perform your exercise either at home, in parks, or in the office.  This small machine allows you to train your muscles in the abdomen without the necessity of performing strenuous crunches or full-fledged sit-ups.

Ab Rocker is the only effective trainer machine for the abdomen recognized by the NSA or National Sports Academy.  It is more often seen on TV being advertised as a more affordable version of other popular workout equipments for training the abdomen.  It is equipped with a neck and head support that enables you to isolate abdominal muscles safely.  This machine also has a contoured arm, neck and head pads made of durable vinyl for easy maintenance and comfort in exercising.

The stock rocker arms of the Ab Rocker have a metal tip sliding against the pushrod that produces friction.  This friction is necessary to reduce the power of the engine that goes to the drive wheels.  In contrast, roller rockers have a metal cylinder at the tip, and instead of the rocker arm tip sliding against the pushrod, the metal cylinder slides against the pushrod.  This movement enables the engine to generate more power.

Ab Rocker is best in isolating and training the abdomen through its rocking action.  It works to eliminate back and neck strain during exercise.  It also conditions your body for natural position to gain lower and upper abs at a faster pace.  In just a few minutes daily, you can lose considerable amount of weight, and your abdomen is becoming hard muscles from its former fat figure.

The Ab Rocker is specially–designed to form your bellies into trained muscles while working with your lower and upper abs simultaneously.  Depending on the frequency of your workouts using this equipment together with proper diet and aerobic exercise, you can observe immediate results in a short span of time.

In using the Ab Rocker while lying on the floor, put the upper part of your body inside the roller.  Then, rock forward with your forearm placed on the pads at the upper bar.  Keep the lower back of your body on the floor with your ab muscles being lifted upward.  Perform a series of crunching from 10-15 times.

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